10 of world’s most eco-friendly golf courses

Sustainability is an ever-growing necessity and golf courses are joining the global movement

In 2018, Forbes stated that a whopping 9 million tons of plastic infiltrate the ocean every year. With this in mind, golf courses all over the world are making conscious decisions to eliminate plastic. From the preservation of wildlife to promoting a low-carbon future, the golf community is making strides to contribute to the worldwide initiative to put the environment first.

Here are ten that have joined the movement:

Arabella Golf Mallorca, Spain

Arabella Golf Mallorca is one of the only golf courses in Spain with official sustainability certifications. Part of their extensive environmental plan is to go plastic-free and reduce water consumption. By providing mineralised water fountains on the course, golfers can use refillable water bottles to quench their thirst during their round.

Al Hamra Golf Club, Ras Al Khaimah

Al Hamra Golf Club is the first golf club in the Middle East to go fully plastic-free. By eliminating plastic items and introducing high-quality water filtration solutions, Al Hamra sets a new industry standard and joins the global movement to conserve the environment.

Osprey Point at Kiawah Island Resort, US

At Osprey Point, they have cleverly looked to nature to provide a way to manage water. All their playing surfaces are made up of the low maintenance turf grass Paspalum. This type of grass leads to the use of natural groundwater without having to add chemicals or other treatments. 

Mission Hills Haikou, China

China’s Mission Hills Haiku golf resort is the largest in the world and implements sustainable measures. The resort is committed to low-carbon, ecology, and environmental protection and use of solar golf carts, artificial lakes to collect rainwater for future irrigation and waste management practices.

Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore

At Sentosa Golf Club, turned mangrove swamps and kampongs into rolling greens that make up their golf course. In the 40 years since its inception, they have won several accolades including Sustainability Gamechanger and Sustainability Innovator. Part of their sustainable initiative is the recycling rainwater and the use of bio-friendly products to lithium-ion buggies and reducing their plastic footprint. 

Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

Not just a golf course but a wildlife park too, Silver Lakes is home to a myriad of birds and wildlife. Floating islands have even been created to provide the animals with more breeding space. Their sustainability routine includes recyclable waste, organic fertilisers, and the use of variable speed drive (to improve water consumption).

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