Time Travel through Italy



  • Experience the best of Italy’s places and people! This magical journey travels through time and place! From Rome through the Crusades to the magnificent Holy Emperors like Frederick II, and the greatest Italian writer of all, Dante Alighieri!


All the great locations in ancient and modern Italy! But most of all the beating heart and culture of enduring Bella Italia!
Dr. David Lundberg continues his Time Travel books with the enchanted, ever land in the center of the Mediterranean world! Visit as he personally guides you through Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Verona, Ravenna, Venice, Sicily, Eternal Rome, and more!
Blending ancient and modern travel, David takes us on a fantastic journey of culture, showing how the beautiful Italians merged into what they and their country are today!
Non basta una vita! One life is not enough!!

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