6 Ways to Wear Sneakers with Your Party Outfit

Thanks to Balenciaga, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton (among many, many others during the Spring 2018 season), the fashion world is coming around to what Stan Smith has been pushing for ages: Sneakers aren’t just for working out or days off. Yes, they look great with your jeans; but they’re just as good with your fanciest dresses, your straightest pencil skirts, and your flashiest statement coats. To all you sneaker-loving, heel-loathingparty-goers out there (i.e. me): This is your time to shine—all while wearing your kicks loud and proud. Here are 31 awesome reasons (outfits) to wear your best party outfit with sneakers this year.

The rich leather pants, sparkly tunic, and roomy coat combination works unexpectedly well with clean white sneakers.

Got the dress-over-jeans combo down pat? Add gym trainers to the mix. Hell to the freakin’ yeah.

This year’s version of the ’80s pantsuit-and-sneakers pairing is très chic for a casual party.

Rock a pair of ultra-casual sock sneakers with something extra-pretty, like a silky shirtdress.

Play down the sweetness of a ladylike sheath with a slouchy shearling bomber and two-tone lace-ups.

The slinky silk maxi skirt is back from the ’90s—and it brought platform slip-ons back with it.

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